Welcome to the OPEN Media Hub

The OPEN Media Hub Project focuses on high quality TV and video production and exchange among Neighbourhood and EU broadcast and online media and on strengthening of a professional community of journalist across the Neighbourhood.

OPEN Media Hub Activities

Management training

  • management and senior editor masterclasses for broadcast media
  • management and senior editor masterclasses for print and online media

Journalism training

  • advanced training for broadcast journalists
  • in-depth broadcast production workshops
  • advanced training for print and online journalists
  • understanding and covering the EU – specialized beat training for reporters

Content exchange platforms

  • broadcast quality TV exchange platform
  • exchange platform for online and print media

Production support

  • individual awards for thematically focused production of various television and video formats (news, feature stories, shorts, interactive video etc.)

Peer-to-peer support

  • short term placement of journalists at TV stations in the EU
  • in-house management mentoring for broadcast, online and print media for participants in the management masterclasses
  • peer-to-peer events for managers and senior editors (insider-guided participation in industry events in the EU)
  • insider-guided participation in regional events

What We’ve Done so far

Management Master Classes for Broadcast and Print and Online media

The first Management Master Classes for Broadcast and Print and Online media took place in Moldova on April 19-21, 2016. The Master Classes were dedicated to ‘surviving in a small and fragmented market’, a theme selected to best address the needs of the media outlets in the current Moldovan media landscape. A total of 24 media managers participated in the event and discussed the further involvement of their media in the OPEN Media Hub activities. The planned next steps for Moldova include the organization of advanced training for broadcast reporters at the end of May and for print and online journalists from the targeted media planned for the first week of July. Preparation is also underway for a call for expression of interest to support the production of TV and online video content. Further, the Open Media Hub will follow up with the managers participating in the Master Class with on-the-spot mentoring provided by international consultants.

Media Managers from Moldova meeting with HE Pirkka Tapiola during the Media Management Master Class in Chisinau

The OPEN Media Hub Launches Advanced Broadcast Training Course and In-House Media Management Consultations in Moldova

On 27th May- 1st June OPEN Media Hub’s trainer Kevin Bishop worked with 15 TV reporters and cameramen from Moldova on the first Advanced Reporting Course for Broadcast Journalists in Chisinau. The course helped improve participants’ storytelling, filming and editing skills. The stories produced will form the basis of a half hour programme on the issue of migration hosted by participant Lyudmila Barba in July on public TV, Moldova. The trainer for this course Kevin Bishop, who also carried out the Broadcast Media Master Class in Moldova earlier in the year has started a series of in-house consultations with TV stations in Moldova to help them improve management and production skills.

Who are we and why are we doing this?

The Project OPEN Media Hub: Networking, on-the-job training and support to media professionals across the EU Neighbourhood area (EuropeAid/136510/DH/SER/Multi) is part of the European Union Programme OPEN Neighbourhood: opportunities, participation, engagement and networking” and is implemented by a consortium led by Thomson Foundation. The Consortium includes Action Global, European Journalism Centre, Free Press Now, France Médias Monde, Ipsos Mori and Particip. The OPEN Media Hub project follows up on two previous EU funded projects – the Media Neighborhood and the European Neighbourhood Journalism Network.

The main objectives of the programme are:

  • To provide journalists in the Neighbourhood countries with skills that help to improve independent and objective reporting;
  • To provide Neighbourhood editorial and management staff with skills needed to run independent media outlets;
  • To reinforce a network of Neighbourhood journalists and media professionals that is actively used as a professional resource and networking platform.

Meet the Project Team

Anthony Headley, senior executive producer

With more than 25 years in TV Production and post production Anthony brings with him up-to-date television industry and production experience crucial to the success of the project. He has worked with CNN, Canal+, Al Jazeera and Associated Press Television News. He has been running TV news desk and operations including project management and budgeting of TV productions. He has over 5 years of experience in Neighbourhood countries having worked in Occupied Palestinian Territories, Jordan, Israel, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Anthony Headley is a native speaker in both English and French. He has a working knowledge of Russian.

Petko Georgiev, Senior media training and exchange expert

He brings more than 15 years of professional experience in international training programmes for journalists, many of which in the Neighbourhood countries. He has worked as the Key Expert – Training in New Media, Media Management and Elections Reporting, EU Reporting in the Media Neighbourhood Project. He has over 5 years of experience in implementing media programmes in the European Neighbourhood and experience in peer-to-peer training, building community of practice with journalists from the Neighbourhood countries. Outside his native Bulgaria and another six EU countries, he has worked in Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Jordan, Lebanon, Moldova, Morocco, Russia, Tunisia and Ukraine. Petko Georgiev is fluent in English and Russian. He has a good knowledge of French.

Who is funding the OPEN Media Hub?

The Media Hub is funded by the European Commission, DG NEAR as a part of the European Neighbourhood Policy.


Still have questions? Email us at info@openmediahub.com