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The Open Media Hub

The Open Media Hub was shut down in 2013, due to a deadlock in the approval procedure of the related Open Media Park project, caused by bureaucratic issues, lack of political will and secondarily the economic crisis.

The Open Media Hub is a 430 sqmt co-working facility with 30 seats that offers a wide range of services, spaces and equipment aimed at creative and enterprising young professionals, but also micro-enterprises and associations, active in emerging media sectors. We specifically aim to catalyse in the Hub young people active in: (A) low-cost production of content and programming of audiovisual content, serials, live or otherwise, designed for the Web, or: (B) production of sites or multi-platform applications (mobile, tablet, NetTV, game consoles) developed with emerging Web standards (HTML5, JavaScript, DeviceApi, CSS3, WebGL, Canvas, etc..), particularly if focused on video and entertainment.
Vista d'angolo dell'Open Media Hub

We imagine the Hub not only as a workplace, but as a creative environment evolving, flexible and open to collaboration and sharing of projects, ideas, skills and different points of view. A space for imagination and development of new ways to communicate, entertain and inform.

Through the OpenMedia Contest, to be held between February and May 2012, The Hub will make available at no cost for six months 10 of its 30 seats, with access to all the Hub services, to creative and innovative people who will present solid and innovative proposals in the areas defined above. The Open Media Hub proposal is especially aimed at young media professionals who want to be self-employed, perhaps taking advantage of new Italian legislation, to develop their project outside the isolation and the static atmosphere of their own apartment. The Hub also offers the following advantages:

  • Reduction of all fixed costs in order to concentrate on one’s publishing project, and at the same time increase the quantity and quality of available spaces, equipment and services, focusing on work rather than managing a small office.
  • A productive work environment, friendly, youthful, with all services available, relaxed, humanly consistent and professionally complementary, which provides a starting point for dynamic networking, collaboration and socialization among all the Hub customers. The Hub makes it much easier to network with other professionals to work and learn together, improving everybody’s professional image and identity.
  • Offers a wide range of included services: main 80 square meters open space plus other, separate co-working from 2 to 6 seats, 100Mbit internet connectivity, 29 sqmt photo and video studio, post-production room, other rooms for meeting/events/courses for up to 20 people, kitchen, lounge and relaxation room, a small gym, bike loan.
  • Easily accessible by private car or public transportation, the Hub is located in the centre of the Formello Productive Zone, which is very well equipped with media and general services of all kinds. Restaurants, bars, nursery, Post Office, bank, print shops, gym and spa are all present in a 200 meters radius, as well as several technical services necessary for the production of audiovisual content (professional video studios, post production facilities, costumes and footwear shops).

The Open Media Hub is a project of Tecnoconsult International Srl and the Open Media Cluster.